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Stacy Prendeville

I am a native english, spanish speaking all round web specialist currently living in Barcelona and working as an information architect and web usability consultant  for PAU Education. I work on large scale web projects with a social and educative emphasis. I like to play with content and colour whilst being fascinated by analysis, strategy and problem solving. With past experience of planning, designing and teaching community arts projects on the ground, I can talk to all kinds of people and get along with everyone just fine.
Technically I’m a big fan of the Drupal platform, WordPress comes into a close second place.


Fascinated with maps and travel to faraway places I enjoy pottering around at home in the kitchen, dancing in the lounge and midnight strolls. Vinyasa yoga helps keep my equilibrium intact and learning, reading and laughing are part of my daily routine.


I believe Rumi when he tells us “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”



Highlighted Work

My Process

I focus on defining usable, creative solutions for my clients online presence.


My process begins by clearly assessing client & user needs whilst establishing team rapport, defining individual roles, budgets and timescales. Concept creation is via mood-boards, adjectives, user scenarios, benchmarking and analysis. User scenarios are key, firstly in ensuring that both client and team are ‘on the same page’ and secondly as an invaluable testing tool for later in the process.


Site maps, initial wireframe sketches, user flows, content strategy, planning and audit documents follow with user testing to refine ideas and make improvements. As wireframes become more detailed (I tend to work with Axure) key documents such as the functional that provides technical information for the programming team and the design brief are created. I often work to a highly visual wireframe in later project stages to which I create a design style guide or a complete visual mockup.


Take a look at my projects in the work archive, here will see my experience in Web Strategy, Content Strategy, IA and Design Roles or contact me if you would like to discuss your project.




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